Graduate Organizations

Latino Graduate Student Association (LGSA)*

Contact: Yvonne Monteverde
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LGSA Commits to: Enhance the intellectual and social community for Latina/o graduate students, advocate for support networks for Latina/o graduate/professional students, faculty and other members of the USC community, promote the recruitment and retention of Latina/o graduate students, develop research and publication opportunities to further the professional development of Latina/o graduate students.

Latino Law Student Association (LLSA)*

Contact: Anahi Gonzalez
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Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) is a student organization composed of Latino law students and students interested in issues affecting the Latino community at USC Law School. Our organization strives to create a community at USC that enables students to excel academically, socially, and professionally. Among its objectives is to serve as a support network for Latino law students on campus; and to help the retention and success of Latino law students. LLSA works in conjunction with the Admissions Office to increase the enrollment of Latino students through a Phone-a- Thon for admitted Latino students. Besides keeping our members abreast of scholarships, Latino-centric events, and potential employment opportunities, LLSA encourages its members to become involved in public interest organizations that serve the Latino community in Los Angeles. Latino Law Student Association activities include speaker events with local law firms, Hora Latin@ (a Legal Spanish Conversation Group), Judges & Lawyers Nights (honoring USC Law Latino Alums) and other social and cultural gatherings for the benefit of Latino law students and friends at USC Law. These events aim to help build community and familiarity amongst Latino and non-Latino friends and classmates.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)*

Contact: Anthony Hernandez & Lizzette Figueroa
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The Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association is an organization dedicated to improving the health care delivery system to the Chicano/Latino communities. To accomplish this goal, LMSA’s top priority is to retain all Chicano/Latino medical students at the USC School of Medicine, a commitment we now pledge to you. LMSA will make every attempt to make you feel at home in Los Angeles and help you build lifelong friends amongst the LMSA family. By offering peer support, counseling and mentors, LMSA will strive to develop and enhance your academic and cultural potentials and alleviate any barriers that may stand in your way of making a smooth transition into and through medical school. In addition, LMSA has been working very closely with the California Hispanic American Medical Association (CHAMA) and the Chicano/Latino Medical Association of California (CMAC) to make Chicano/Latino physicians in the Los Angeles area available for you to turn to for questions and concerns about the field of medicine.

Event Spotlight:

Annually with LMSA of UCLA, we co-host and participate in the Olvera Street Health Fair which successfully provides medical services to over 4,000 local, uninsured, non-English speaking Chicano/Latino children, women, and men.

Latina/o Social Work Caucus (LSWC)*

Contact: Elizabeth Perez & Rafael Gavidia
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The Latino/a Social Work Caucus at USC is a student organization that promotes leadership, self-help, and solidarity among all USC Latino/a Master of Social Work students towards the betterment of all Latino/s cultures and people. We strive to accomplish this through: Academic Excellence, Professional Development, and Empowerment for social justice.

Price Latino Student Association (PLSA)

Contact: Yamilett Medrano and Julian Cernuda
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The Price Latino Student Association (PLSA) was founded in 2006 from a core group of Latino students at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy who saw the need for Latino involvement in policy. Recognizing the issue, PLSA made it its mission to engage undergraduate and graduate students on issues and policies that impact the USC Price Latino community. In the past, we have hosted events centered on immigration, health care, and housing – all issues that disproportionately impact the USC and surrounding Latino community. PLSA also utilizes these and other events to help foster members professional and educational growth to develop effective leaders who, in turn, empower and enhance the broader Latino community. In 2015, PLSA hosted the first alter for Dia de Los Muertos in Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall (RGL) to pay homage to our Latino ancestors and cultural traditions. After 10 years of serving Latinos students at USC Price, PLSA continues to grow and thrive in the USC Price community.