Here at El Centro Chicano we strive to foster a community of critically thinking, socially conscious Chicanx and Latinx leaders: providing personal, social and academic support through graduation and beyond.

In addition, El Centro Chicano challenges the USC community to become aware of Latinx issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the Latinx community (i.e. Central & South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico & Puerto Rico).

El Centro also offers student advocacy, personal support, assistance for Latinx student groups, and transitional/beyond USC programming. El Centro programs range from new student symposiums fostering a smooth transition to USC life, to the annual Chicano/Latino Graduate Celebration giving students a cultural and unique way to graduate from USC.

We encourage you to be part of USC’s Comunidad and work with El Centro in serving the diverse Latinx and USC Community. If you ever have any questions, need help, want to create a club, want to see a particular event/speaker happen on campus, want to know where to find something or just need to talk, please drop by El Centro.