Student Staff

Meet El Centro’s Special Projects Assistants! The Special Projects Assistant (SPA) position exists to help develop, coordinate and manage numerous cultural enrichment, thought provoking and support programming. In addition, SPA’s serves as a leader in the Chicanx/Latinx community, who will create opportunities for more unity within the Chicanx/Latinx community at USC. Finally, SPAs will also serve as a leader in the Intercultural USC community by building bridges with other diverse communities by working collaboratively with other USC offices/departments/clubs & organizations.

Fall 2017 Student Staff

Cindy Andrade
South Gate, CA
3rd Year/Junior
Pure Mathematics Major  |  Education and Society Minor

“El Centro has always felt like a home away from home for me, so I really enjoy working in this welcoming environment. I like that we’re a part of helping put events that make a lasting impact on our Latinx community. ”
Fun Fact: I’m a major fangirl and love Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Panic! At the Disco, and the list can go on but I’ll stop there.

Sullyari Bautista
Los Angeles, CA
1st Year/Freshman
Political Science Major

“I chose to work at El Centro Chicano because it is a safe and welcoming environment that gives me the ability to support and empower other students in the Latinx community.”
Fun Fact: I love The Office, Criminal Minds, House of Cards, and One Direction (especially Harry Styles).

Alberto Bravo
Los Angeles, CA
2nd Year/Sophomore
History Major

“El Centro has always been a place where I feel comfortable studying and meeting new people. Being able to work here has given me the chance to add to the comfortable atmosphere that our center holds for students.”
Fun Fact: I can say “Hello” in 8 different languages.

Ana Chavez
Washington, D.C.
2nd Year/Junior
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

“Ever since I came to USC, El Centro has been a go-to spot for me. I am proud to be part of a team that works hard to create an inclusive space for students to thrive.”
Fun Fact: I love cheese and ketchup.


Sonia Chávez-Meza
Minneapolis, MN
2nd Year/Sophomore
Graphic Design Major

“I chose to work at El Centro because of the sense of community it aims to foster. El Centro tries to look for what the Latinx community needs, and provide resources and events according to those needs. I also felt like it would be a good way to meet people who could relate to my own experiences.”
Fun Fact: I Love Lana Del Rey.

Vivian De Anda
South Gate, CA
2nd Year/Sophomore
Political Science Major

“I love meeting students from other countries in Latin America and I love being part of this amazing office that allows a large campus to feel like home. At El Centro Chicano, we host events that inspire our community and influence us to keep pushing forward and I am honored to be part of this support system. ”
Fun Fact: I love Banda, especially Banda MS and I like holding my Chihuahua wrapped in a blanket like a baby.

Andrea Diaz
Santa Ana, CA
2nd Year/Sophomore
Economics Major  |  Photography Minor

“Working at El Centro has allowed to me to meet amazing people; no matter how I am feeling, staff, regulars, and new comers always manage to brighten my day. In addition, I am proud of working in a space that positively impacts and offers services to students both in and out of the Latinx community.”
Fun Fact: I once jumped off a 50-meter high bungee.

Paola Morales
South Gate, CA
1st Year/Freshman
Political Science Major

“I enjoy working at El Centro because I can always be myself. It is really nice to work within our Latinx community and provide more resources for them. El Centro is my home away from home.”
Fun Fact: My favorite shows are “The Office” and “Narcos”