Latinx Resource Handbook & Planner

The Latinx Resource Handbook is printed every summer and is distributed to students during the Black and Latinx New Student Symposium and throughout the year. The handbook contains information about El Centro programs, events, Latinx student organizations, Latinx faculty/staff & friends, scholarship information, local Los Angeles Latino landmarks/restaurants, On & Off Campus Key Resources, Essential Tips for Students Success at SC and so much more! The handbook is a great resource guide for all new & current students.

View the 2017-18 13th Edition Latinx Resource Handbook

If any University/College is interested in creating their own version of our Handbook they can contact the Director of El Centro Chicano, Billy Vela at who would be happy to send you the template so you can make it fit your own school’s culture and needs. The handbook was initiated in 2001 at Loyola Marymount University by Billy Vela, when he served as the Director of Chicano/Latino Student Services. Overall there are 12 editions at this point. It has come into its own at USC and in the last few years through student input is now compact and also has a planner. We are proud to see its evolution and most importantly our Chicanx/Latinx students look forward to it and utilize both its content and its practicality.